Dear Students,

Congratulations for taking an informed and wise decision of joining our esteemed institution.

In a globalised economy, business in 21st century will be technology driven and work force will compromise of cross culture and having multi-disciplinary approach. Depth of knowledge is immense and scope of information is infinite. However, pursuit of one cannot be at the sacrifice of the other. We realize that education is fundamental to the evolution of individuals.

Our focus at Janki Devi College is to link theory and practice to provide students to build a foundation for lifelong learning and develop skills for future employment and progress to leadership positions, entrepreneurship in the industry. While Janki Devi College continues to deliver quality education.

A future leader needs in-depth knowledge, strategic thinking, seasoned judgments, perspective, adjustability and integrity.

We assure you that at Janki Devi College you will get the best opportunity for conceptual and experimental learning with our state of art infrastructure and modern facilities, highly qualified and experienced faculty, digital library and industry interface to facilitate a smooth entry into the professional world

Wishing you a successful and fruitful endeavour with Janki Devi College!